Actually Distribution started by chance in 2006 one year after the first retail store ACTUALLY opened in 2005, after a brand saw a potential in us in representing them in South East Asia. Since then our  distribution business grew organically over the years. We have transcended from fashion brands to outdoor and lifestyle brands. 


Our love and passion for exploring brands has led us to build a business around them. We admire brands that have strong values and represent sustainability and operate for a good cause. This admiration has led us to having well-known brands in our hands such as, Fjallraven, Keen, UnitedByBlues, Chums & more. From classic to trendy products, brands that we supply innovate on functionality & durability without compromising the look that our consumer are looking for.


Learning from our retail business has helped us operate our distribution business strategically. Over the past years, we've been constantly communicating with many retailers, dealers and resellers all over South East Asia. As of now, we are proud to say that we have opened up a partnership with more than a hundred businesses across the region.